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DJ Plosion

Hi all my name is Dj Plosion. I first got into Djing at the age of 18 back in 2003 2004ish. Befor that I used to mc abit. But gave it up became a dj to do radio. First station I ever played on was called. Paradise FM. Then played on a few around Shropshire. Those where Hard FM Rush FM. Odyssey FM. Music Style I played was happy hardcore freeform UK Hardcore. Always loved me hardcore but also like other underground dance music. Was never the best dj. Just loved to play the cheesy tunes. But now I feel my mixin is loads better compaird to back when I first started out. Like to thank everyone who give me the chance to play on their stations its been a good long ride other the years. Glad to be back playin on Khemical FM big ups to all the crew. You can catch me 6 till 8pm every Saturday night Keep it Locked Keep it Khemical.